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6 Principles of recovery

  1. Abstaining from sugar

  2. Eating lots of vegetables

  3. Fasting  

  4. Oxygenating your body

  5. Sleeping

  6. The Power of Positivity

No one in our world today is unaffected by cancer. If you don't have it, you know someone who does.


So what do you do when a close friend is diagnosed with terminal cancer? Do you send her flowers? Maybe a roast chicken? Not if you're Claire Florence.

Claire is a breast cancer survivor, and many of her friends and family members have survived breast cancer or are fighting it now. After listening to the stories of survivors i, she noticed six common principles.

Now, she's sharing these principles through her 30 Day Challenge. Instead of sending empty gestures like flowers, she is sending information and participating in the challenge with her friends.

Do you want to help a breast cancer fighter in your life? Send them this website or direct them to the Clean Cancer Youtube channel. And take the challenge with them! 

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We think the best way to support your friends and family members who have cancer is to participate in the required lifestyle changes with them. That's why we started the Clean Cancer 30 Day Challenge. Remember to consult with your doctor with any questions about your personal health or fitness.

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