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This challenge is based on information Claire Florence gathered after she was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. These are her resources. They are frequently updated. Check them out, and remember to discuss changes in your diet with your doctor.

Current evidence-based information on how to reduce risk and survive breast cancer

Food for Breast Cancer provides information on how various foods and other factors affect breast cancer risk, prevention and prognosis. The findings are drawn exclusively from scientific studies and updated as new research becomes available. Our goal is to provide breast cancer patients, survivors and those at high risk for breast cancer with information to help prevent and survive breast cancer.

Yes, they’re picky eaters. And yes, they don’t always know how to keep their hands to themselves on long car rides. But for all their shortcomings, kids have a trait that any adult should envy: They’re not cynical. If you’ve been having trouble cutting through the noise in your head to discover the things that make you happy, consider taking some cues from the little ones in your life. 

Director Ava DuVernay, actresses Connie Britton and Hilary Swank, and Miss USA Deshauna Barber talk about women's issues and empowerment.

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We think the best way to support your friends and family members who have cancer is to participate in the required lifestyle changes with them. That's why we started the Clean Cancer 30 Day Challenge. Remember to consult with your doctor with any questions about your personal health or fitness.

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